Upgrade your T-shirts: DIY Crop Tops

It’s common for girls to wear t-shirts for the hot summer days. Is it bored to wear the ordinary t-shirts? Girls always want to glam a pretty look, so they will have many an idea to upgrade their t-shirts and create rock looks.

To upgrade the t-shirts, you can cut them short or convert them into a fringe style. In today’s post, you can find some useful tutorials to refashion the simple t-shirts. The tutorials are easy and pretty. Some of them don’t even need to sew. If you have some old t-shirts or if you want to make changes to the dull t-shirts, you can have no hesitation to get your hands busy.

Through the post, you will not only improve your sewing skills, but also spice up the summer wardrobe. Have a nice crop top for your next event. Enjoy!

Woven Crop Top

White Crop Top

Blue Crop Top

Crop Top with a Knot

Fringe Crop Top

Button-up Crop Top

Cropped Blouse

Adorable Cropped Top

Cropped Tee

Crop Top

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