Vans x Hello Kitty Sneakers Line

Vans x Hello Kitty Sneakers Line

With so many brand collaborations this season, it is rather obvious that retailers are perfecting their skills as far as the consumer’s preferences are concerned. A well done brand collaboration can translate into huge profits for both of the parties while also boosting the popularity of the brands in the eyes of the customers.

The collaboration between Vans and the global brand Hello Kitty is certainly one that will raise a lot of interest, especially among youngsters who are trying to spice up their outfits with fun and colorful statement accessories that immediately attract attention. The cute, feminine fictional symbol has been around for more than 35 years now, however, products that use Hello Kitty theme never fail to attract the attention of people of all ages.

The irresistibly cute symbol will be featured in three different designs for the Vans limited edition line. Far from being discrete, the designs are conspicuous and vibrantly colored for the most part. All over prints with the cute symbol dominate the line, however, a checkered pattern is also available for those who would like to keep things simple and easy while also having more opportunities to match the shoes to different types of outfits.

The Classic Slip-On, the Low Top and the Sk8 Hi D-Lo will be released this year in June. These fun shoes will be available in Vans stores, Vans dealers and Sanrio stores as well as online. Prepare to make a fashion statement with these absolutely adorable shoes that have the power to lighten everyone’s mood at the blink of an eye. Functional and entirely comfortable, these sneakers can provide a much needed break from killer high heels, while allowing you to remain fashionable and stylish.

These wonderful Hello Kitty inspired shoes will have prices ranging from $25 to $37 for infants while the unisex Sk8-Hi Do-Low sneakers will be sold for $55.

Photo courtesy of Vans x Hello Kitty




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