VP Kamala Harris Enjoys a Silk Press As Her Go To Hairstyle

It’s the silk press for me! Actor Keke Palmer got to the bottom of Vice President Kamala Harris’s signature silk press hairstyle and how she keeps it so silky. 

Kamala Harris is more relatable than we think, as she revealed all the secrets of her silk press method that we’ve been dying to know. “Silk press” is a term used within the black community to reference textured hair being straightened, and to know that our the Vice President of the United States enjoys a wash and silk press as her signature go to, is comforting. 

Actor Keke Palmer visited the White House to interview Vice President Kamala Harris for an episode of her podcast: “Baby, This is Keke Palmer,” and the silk press questions couldn’t be ignored. Palmer questioned Harris, “How many times a month do you get a silk press?”

Despite what some of you may thought, the Vice President declared that she doesn’t always use heated styling tools to straighten her hair, which shocked Palmer. She explained how she uses a round brush which can take heat to help keep her hair straighten.

Palmer expressed to VP Harris that she and another high-profile individual known for their silk presses were going head-to-head for the title of the best hair. Palmer exclaimed, “You and Queen Latifah are going neck and neck, you’re giving it to her!” 

It’s safe to say that the girls are in awe of Vice President Harris silk press routine and feel even more relatable to her as a black woman in power.

Watch the full interview here.