Wardrobe Essentials for College Girls: What to Pack for College

Your first year as a college student is a life changing experience. You recently closed an important chapter in your life, you had to move out (most likely, to a dorm) of your parents’ house, and had to begin a whole new life.

When it’s time to start packing, you are probably confused as to what you should take with you. How does a college girl wardrobe look like? Well, the real question is: how do you want your college girl wardrobe to look like?

If you’re not ready to invest huge amounts of money into plenty of new items for college, you may want to find out what are the wardrobe essentials for college girls, and start from there.

Wardrobe Basics for College Girls: The Casual Edition

More often than not, during your college years, you will wear casual clothing (unless you plan on going through the hassle of putting together on a daily basis a fancy outfit), be it when attending classes or going out with your buddies.

If you want to gather a college girl wardrobe for a flawless everyday look, you should take into account an important aspect. The perfect wardrobe for college girls usually includes classic items that can be worn this season, as well as the next one.

So what your college girl wardrobe should include? When it comes to casual items, make sure you have:

around 5 pairs of jeans – these are the absolute must-haves, since you’ll most likely be wearing them on a daily basis; go for well-fitting jeans, whatever style you might prefer;2-3 tank tops;2-3 short-sleeved T-shirts;2-3 long-sleeved T-shirts;2-3 cardigans;2-3 turtle necks;2-3 sweaters;1 hoodie;2-3 casual dresses;1 jacket for fall and spring;

1 denim jacket; 2-3 skirts, different styles and lengths;2-3 dresses, different styles and lengths;1-2 winter coats;2 pairs of ballet flats;2 pairs of boots;1 pair of rain boots;2-3 big bags;2-3 sandals (wedges, flats, high-heeled);1 pair of pumps;1 pair of sneakers;plenty of underwear;2-3 pajamas;1 pair of sweatpants;2-3 baggy T-shirts;belts;scarves;jewelry.

Wardrobe Essentials for College Girls: The Special Occasions Edition

Of course, your college years won’t involve wearing just casual outfits. Every now and then, when attending a fancy party or going out for dinner at a fancy restaurant with the guy you have a crush on, you will have to sport semi-formal or even formal clothing.

So what are the wardrobe basics for college girls when it comes to these special occasions? Here’s a brief list:2-3 white button-down shirts;2-3 pairs of elegant pants;2-3 formal dresses, be they short, medium or long, including the ‘little black dress’;2-3 formal skirts, such as the lovely pencil skirt;fancy jewelry, such as a pearl necklace and matching earrings and bracelet;2-3 blazers;1 pair of black or nude pumps;2-3 pairs of tights;2-3 pairs of stockings (delicate, maybe even silk ones);1 pair of stylish high-heeled boots;1 clutch;1 pair of stylish high-heeled sandals;2-3 fancy tops, such as ruffled tops, silk tops;2-3 elegant jackets;1 lovely fancy coat.

Wardrobe Basics for College Girls: Other Must-Haves

There are plenty of other things that a wardrobe for college girls might include. Depending on the season, your college girl wardrobe should definitely also include bathing suits, slippers, beach towels and other themed accessories, for instance.

Don’t forget about cozy college girl wardrobe items that might not sound like must-haves, but are definitely worth investing in. For instance, you might feel better when having a warm, fluffy bathrobe, cozy house slippers and even body-shapers that are designed to restore your self confidence on those days you don’t feel particularly slim.

And what about those perfect jeans, the kind that you can wear anywhere, anytime because you have the warranty that they’ll make you feel amazing? They are not literally must-haves, but are definitely worth having, at least for those blue days or when you want to make sure you’ll impress that special someone.

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