Welcome To The Era Of The Coach Tabby Bag — A Fashion Writer’s Review Of The Viral It-Bag

It’s not just ’90s style that’s made a triumphant resurgence this year — countless fashion brands are revamping their beloved styles from years past with a modern twist. One brand whose nostalgic style is turning heads right now is none other than classic clothing and accessories line Coach, with the Coach Tabby Collection becoming a recent viral sensation on TikTok. If you haven’t already witnessed these adorable silhouettes surfacing your FYP, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon. On TikTok, #coachtabby has 23.2 million views, with the viral #pillowtabby at a growing 15.9 million views. Fashion enthusiasts are obsessed with the unveiling of the brand’s nostalgic designs in new creative styles and playful shades — and, following suit, I’m here to give you my unbiased Coach Tabby Bag review.

While I’ll be solely focusing on the best-selling Pillow Tabby, I’ve highlighted other notable handbags from the collection for you to shop, as well. The shoulder bag comes in two sizes: the smaller Pillow Tabby 18, which costs $395, and the larger Pillow Tabby 26, priced at $550. I’m a go big or go home type of shopper, so I opted to review the larger size. If you’re a fan of marshmallowy padded puffer jackets, the Pillow Tabby has a similar feel to it. Coach put their magical spin on the classic style by adding cheerful pastel colors that evoke Y2K vibes. And while many fashion followers have been eagerly watching the return of 2000s-inspired shoulder bags and itty bitty handbags, we’ve now officially entered the Coach Tabby Bag era.


Coach Pillow Tabby Bag 26, $550

While many of the colors offered in the Tabby Bag line may give early-2000s vibes, the structure of the Tabby Bags is an unmistakable nod to Coach’s iconic 1970s aesthetic. The line’s various styles, which range from messenger bags to crossbody wristlets, are largely crafted from polished Nappa leather, with select items made of canvas and a few translucent jelly purses launching soon; each design has Coach’s signature hardware. In addition to neutral hues, the stylish shoulder bags are available in a rainbow of candy-colored shades, like powder pink, sunny yellow, and violet. And the collection of pastel-hued handbags couldn’t have arrived at a better time, now that we’re transitioning into spring and searching for more brightly-colored accessories to suit the season. 

First Impressions

After pulling open the chocolate brown ribbon and opening the black box contained within, I was greeted with a glossy white dust bag. Cradled inside was the ivory Coach Pillow Tabby 18 bag. My first impression delight over the plushy style; I also took notice that the C logo was wrapped in leather instead of the brand’s signature brass. The updated hardware style makes the Coach Pillow Tabby stand out from other Coach handbags, and the leather closure seamlessly blends in with the rest of the purse.

Styling The Bag: Formal Vs. Casual

The Pillow Tabby gives off two different vibes, depending on how you style it. When I wore a tweed blazer, it looked chic and elevated. Meanwhile, with a casual color block cardigan, the ivory shade and padded aesthetic brought in a bit of softness.

The brand wasn’t also kidding when they called it the Pillow bag. The ultra-soft shoulder bag feels like a cloud and is super lightweight to carry. The short strap comfortably rests on my shoulder and feels like a pillow when my arm rests against the cushy exterior.

What Fits Inside The Bag?

The plushness definitely engulfs the entire bag, but you can still fit the necessities. I used my fiancé’s wallet, work phone, apartment keys, and my compact to show that bigger items could fit. One thing worth noting is that the pocket in between the bag’s two sides only has room to hold thin items, like credit cards or maybe a pocket mirror. However, since the bag is so soft, there’s room if you really want to pack in more things with a little push — even in the back compartment, which I thought had less room than it actually does.

When you first open the bag, there’s a longer strap inside, which you can attach to the bag, enabling you to wear it as a crossbody as well as a shoulder bag. Also, as an avowed organizer, I appreciated the two compartments inside the bag and the thin zippered pocket separating the them. Realistically, I don’t know if I would use the pocket in between, but it’s nice to have some sort of divider. I also carry only my necessities when I go out, and this bag is the perfect size for those with similarly minimalist packing styles. Overall, it’s an adorable-looking bag to have in your collection and I can see why the TikTok queens and kings are obsessed with it. The only issue I had with it? After trying the cream hue, now I want one in every shade.


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