What Happened to Mattie Lynn Breaux After Season 3

Floribama Shore celeb Mattie Lynn Breaux decided not to return for the series’ fourth installment. She had her reasons for skipping that season.

It was surprising when Floribama Shore star Mattie Lynn Breaux did not return for the fourth and potentially final season of the hit show, and it’s time to talk about what she’s been doing since season 3 ended. Mattie was memorably introduced to the house last season, as a friend of Gus Smyrnios. However, she quickly entered into a romance with Jeremiah Buoni. Though the housemates supported the romance, Jeremiah devastated Mattie when he said that he didn’t want to take their relationship long-distance. Many viewers thought that Mattie would be back for another season.


Mattie joined the show’s cast for Floribama Shore season 3. The 31-year-old previously starred in Party Down South on CMT, and appeared in the entire 5 season run of its spin-off show, Party Down South 2. Mattie then had a two-year hiatus before moving to MTV, and appearing on The Challenge. Mattie found success on War of the Worlds, as well as Total Madness. The competitor then joined the cast of Floribama Shore to show off her hard-partying ways. However, her time on MTV was abruptly cut short.

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Floribama Shore’s Mattie Was Charged With Three DUIs

Following a string of controversies, it appears that Mattie no longer has a platform on MTV. Mattie was arrested for her third DUI in November 2020. She pled guilty to a misdemeanor DUI, and was sentenced to seven days at Davidson Country Jail, according to TMZ. It appears as though Mattie had lived with alcohol issues in the past. Therefore, a setting where people drink might not have been the best option for the 31-year-old. Mattie has also made racially insensitive comments on Twitter, an offense that fellow Challenge contestant Dee Nguyen was fired for.

Floribama Shore’s Mattie Regrets Her Past

Throughout her time filming The Challenge: Total Madness in 2019, Mattie spoke openly about her past, and the regret she felt after being charged with a DUI. When fellow contestant Ashley Mitchell brought up the DUI in an argument, Mattie became extremely upset, and discussed the shame that she felt over her past actions. Despite her words, Mattie went on to be charged with her third DUI only a few months later, in 2020. Although there may be those who think that MTV should give Mattie another chance at competing, the intense partying that The Challenge cast indulges in means that she might want to avoid the show.

Though MTV appears to be finished with Mattie, there’s always a chance that she’ll make a comeback on another network. Fellow Floribama Shore star Kortni Gibson sat out the season to focus on her mental health. Meanwhile, Nilsa Prowant is a new mother. Hopefully, Mattie is also making wellness her priority. The reality star’s bubbly personality, romantic dramas, and penchant for partying made her a good fit for Floribama Shore. Mattie could overcome her personal issues, and find success on another network, or through different ventures.

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