What to Wear to a Bar

What to Wear to a Bar

Going out to a bar doesn’t have to be as challenging as it seems, there are different types of clubs, bars and dance joints to choose from, and all require you to consider your outfits carefully. You can go the extreme route and wear as little clothing as possible, but that often makes a girl seem desperate, or easy. If that’s not your goal, let’s take a look at some other options.
The more relaxed and comfortable you feel, the more fun you’ll have, so try not to pick things in too small sizes, or that you are constantly adjusting because it irritates your skin or wedges up your behind.
A couple of tips. First, remember to wear shoes you can walk in, especially if you plan on drinking (or dancing), nothing is more embarrassing than tripping over your own shoes that you can barely walk in sober. Second, nighttime is when you can go heavy on the eye-makeup, so if you’ve wanted to experiment, now is the time to get away with it.

Babydoll cuteness.


A colorful or plain baby doll dress, with your hair down and natural looking makeup is a great way to scream “I’m here to relax and have some fun.” Pair it with some sexy sandals or pumps.

Sundress fun.

Taylor Swift

Cute little summer dresses are always a winner too, you can pick lace, sequins, even jean dresses work. Pair it with some high heels, a little purse and spice it up with jewelry or some colorful or cute eye makeup. For example, a hello kitty bow on your eyelid works with a more casual outfit to spice it up and scream “adorable”.

Sparkles wildness.


Always wanted to wear sequins? Nighttime and clubbing are the right times to pull out that sequined top and skinny jeans you’ve always wanted to pair together, but had nowhere to wear it. Or consider a sequined dress, if you chose silver for example, you can pair it with dark shoes and dark eye makeup with a little black purse. You can even put sequins on your eyes to match your outfit.

Lace lace.

Kate Moss

Lace is also a popular option. Make sure all your bits are covered where the lace is see-through. Use nipple covers so you don’t show anything inappropriate while dancing or drinking. Jean covered heels, or brown sandals work great with lace dresses. Up-do hair styles also look nice with off the shoulder style dresses. Consider doing a black smokey eye.

Moulin rouge.

Irina Shayk

Bustier style tops work great with a variety of bottom choices, jeans, skirts, or even lace or leather. Pair it with strappy sandals, a clutch hand-purse and neutral makeup, and the focus will be on your outfit. If your outfit seems a little plain and you want to add something exciting to it – makeup is the way to do it. Go intense with your eye makeup, black eyeliner with whatever color matches your outfit and eye color, and then decorate it up using an eye decal.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

If you want to look casual, but wear a dress, a t-shirt dress, with tights or leggings is a good choice. Pair it with a pair of ankle boots, or even Keds. You’ll want to use big chunky jewelry to dress it up. An over the shoulder bag works well with this outfit too, and you do your make up more subtle, as this outfit isn’t screaming “party girl”, its saying “I’m here to hang out”.

Leather chic.

Kendall Jenner

Leather is fun too. You have a variety of choices to choose from in pants, skirts and tops. But for going out to a bar, a biker girl look can be fun. Go extreme and do big hair, big earrings, and tight pants. Your top should be low-cut, or revealing or tight to pull this look off. Dark eye makeup, with red lips can be fun too. Pair it with some knee high boots, or spiked heels. Leather works great for curvier figures; it’s a good choice to show off your curves.

Bold mini.

Miranda Kerr

Miniskirts are always a good fallback choice too. They make your legs look long and can be paired with a variety of tops. If you’re not comfortable with skin tight tops, it’s a good choice because your skirt can be tighter, and your top can be looser and balance out the look you’re going for. Black is always a good choice, as it looks slimming, but you can also pair do a denim mini skirt with a lace or colorful top instead. Just dress up a plainer skirt/top with jewelry, a purse, and some sexy shoes instead. A high pony tail, some pink lips, and more neutral eye makeup are a winner, your outfit and jewelry will be the attention getter here.

Now you are all equipped for your next bar night out.

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