What to Wear to a Cocktail Party

Years ago there was a certain etiquette on what to wear to a cocktail party- a nice dress and a pair of gloves. Now there are new rules- cocktail parties became so informal that now you have a whole variety of outfits to try on. Yes, for those familiar with etiquette, cocktail dress is not the only way to look stylish at a cocktail party. These tips will help you look outstanding and at the same time appropriate at any cocktail party.
After having received an invite to a cocktail party, first you need to figure out the level of its sophistication and formality, and based on that decide on whether you should still wear traditional cocktail dress with lace gloves, or can choose something more casual and hip. If you are not sure, think dressy-casual, and you will get it right. Have a few nice tops and bottoms ready, so that you can look different at any party, while using different combinations of what you have. A nice bonus is that you can wear these items on a daily basis combining them with something more casual or business-like.

Selena Gomez

Try a combination of a sheer top with a fluffy skirt if you are young, bold, and have a nice body like Selena Gomez. Perfect for a cocktail party with your friends, which might end up in a club.
Also you can combine a pair of dressy pants with a silk or lace top for a more serious sophisticated look. Amal Clooney’s white pantsuit would be a perfect choice for a stylish cocktail event somewhere at the yacht club. The result is chic and not dressy-casual at the same time.


Amal Clooney

If you are more conservative and traditional person and are not expecting wild cocktail parties any time soon, then the safest would be choosing a traditional knee-length cocktail dress. Choose bright red or classic black for a more formal event, and pastel or floral patterns for something more relaxed. When choosing a perfect dress, keep in mind the fabrics for a cocktail dress- lace, silk, organza, and don’t be afraid of sparkles and glitter (in moderation of course).

Nicki Minaj

If you are going to a more or less informal cocktail party, and you would love to show off you nice body, then you can go for something tighter and shorter, like Nicki Minaj here. Choose bright colors that will make you shine like a star, and do not forget about sparkly accessories. Just make sure the event is not during the day and is not organized by a local housewives club.

Kate Middleton

If, however, you are going to a cocktail party organized by community housewives after a successful fundraiser, then black and white should be your choice of color. You should look impeccable and organized, that is why keeping it down to just two basic colors is a win-win: it is stylish, classy, and keeps it simple. Choose straight lines for your dress to keep it business-like, as who knows, there might be more people willing to donate their money at your event, after being impressed by your professionalism and femininity.

Emma Watson

Rompers continue to be a huge trend, so why not make it a nice cocktail outfit? The variety of these can satisfy even the pickiest fashionistas. From casual to fancy, rompers rule and would look good at any cocktail party when worn by a daring lady who wishes to make a bold statement. A chic white jumpsuit opening your cleavage will be an excellent choice for a dressy cocktail party.


Ellie Saab

A short playful romper will make you not only stand out at any event, but also show your long beautiful legs (if of course you are the lucky owner of long beautiful legs) and will keep it just right dresswise in case of a more casual event.
Now that you have all these options for what to wear to a cocktail party, it is time to accessorize. Yes, as all of us know, accessories play an important role in your whole image and can change the way you look.

Of course, it is essential to choose the right accessories to the cocktail party, no matter the degree of fanciness. Number one rule is to ditch your oversize bag and get yourself a nice tiny clutch that can only hold your lipstick and your taxi money.

The color of the purse should naturally match the color of your outfit, however, remember, it does not mean the purse should be exactly same color of your cocktail dress.

If you feel comfortable playing with colors, you can choose a contrasting color for your purse, thus your whole image will look quite distinct and impressive.For example, in the photo above, the color of the clutch matches the color of the heels while creating a contrast to the bright red dress. This is a very good solution by Emma Willis, because the matching red purse would get lost on the red background.

Now you are all ready to be the star of any cocktail party. Have fun!


(all images are sourced via pinterest)