What to Wear with Camo Pants

What to Wear with Camo Pants

Just as the winter leaves and the beautiful warm spring is around the corner, it is time for you to drop your jackets and flaunt your sun screened skin – the more the better.
Bundle up your skin fitting jeans and bring out your lose and breathy spring/summer pants. Camo pants look pretty cool both at work and at summer parties but you need to know what to team it up with obviously. So here are a few camo trends that you can catch up with and who knows you could be the next it-girl being chased by party photo shooters.

Perfect party camouflage pants with a white t-shirt.

A white tee can never go wrong with camo pants. Team it up with sunglasses, black high heels and a nice purse and you totally got the summer party look right.

Friday night club outfit.

Kim Kardashian

All right, so it’s Friday night and you have to let yourself loose after a hectic week at work, or maybe not, who cares. In any case, pair your camos and tee with a nice dressy coat and you are all ready to hit the uptown dance floor. Chic, edgy, and looks very expensive!

Unfussy casual camos.

Olivia Palermo

So the latest movie that’s hit the multiplexes is totally high on glam quotient. How can we let you go watch it without style? Camo pants with a casual with-sleeves tee can be an absolutely chic and hip movie outfit. Add a simple cardigan and your casual street style friendly outfit is ready to go. If you are one of those vibrant types, add a dab of colourful belt and shoes to your outfit. And if you are not – we insist you still do.

Miss Cuteness outfit.

Poppy Delevigne

Your boyfriend is taking you out for dinner. We advise you to pick up something feminine and cute, but at the same time, being a strong independent woman, you don’t want to look like a brabie doll, do you? How about teaming up camo capris with a simple black top and a pair of stilettos? Poppy Delevigne’s outfit should be your inspiration, then your success is guaranteed.

Camo pants for all the glam and glitz.


If you have a fetish for the shiny metal, go glitzy and accessorize your camo pants with gold – and you are sure to look oh-so-cool and oh-so-dandy. Or choose non-standard camo pants made of silk, just like Beyonce did. In any case, all eyes will definitely be on you.

Camouflage for young, bold and bautiful.


A terrific way to flaunt your tattoo on the lower back is to wear your tee five inches higher and your camopants one inch lower – we call it swell.

Camo pants for the urban trendsetters.

Jamie Chung

Go flat and comfortable, and do not forget to accessorize – check Jamie Chung out and you will know what we are talking about.

Summer camo shorts.

Julianne Hough

Sometimes it is better to choose something lighter than a pair of pants, and in such a case there is still no need to ditch your favourite pattern- choose summer camo shorts for a nice beach look and you will stay cool and casual, just like Julianne Hough.

Fuchsia camos for the bright and daring.

Pink camos is the new rage. Give yourself a double decker surprise by– 1. Buying a skin tight pink camos 2. Sporting one with a loose neck white tee and black high heel ballerinas. *well done girl*

All camo.

Mary J Blige

If you are bored of getting into whites and blacks, all you need to do to change your look and style is go all camo and match the shades of your top to your bottoms. Mary J Binge’s camo pants turned into camo capris for a hot day and she looks extra busy in her all camo outfit.

These tips will help you rock these trendy pants. Although remember: with a ten on ten outfit, a lot of things can still go wrong – incorrect make up and an absence of your sunshine smile. So fix that up and you are all set to rock.

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