Where Skyler, Walt Jr & 5 More Breaking Bad Characters Are In BCS

Better Call Saul adds to the Breaking Bad universe in the best way, but there were seven characters that never made an appearance in the prequel series. While Better Call Saul was focused on Jimmy McGill’s transformation into Saul Goodman, many popular Breaking Bad characters played major roles in the series, such as Gus Fring and Mike, who had their stories enhanced by their appearance in the series. With all six seasons now streaming on Netflix, the backstories of some of the “forgotten” characters are once again in question.

In their long awaited cameos, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman made guest appearances in Better Call Saul season 6. The story intersects between 2008, where Walt and Jesse meet Saul Goodman. With the iconic duo returning, fans wonder where some of Breaking Bad’s most iconic characters were in earlier Better Call Saul seasons. Since Better Call Saul takes place in Albuquerque in the early 2000s, most of these characters were around but not yet in Saul’s orbit.

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7 Skyler White

Better Call Saul season 1 starts in 2001, but it does switch frequently between past and present events. However, using this information, Skyler White would’ve been living in Albuquerque in her and Walt’s house that they live in for a majority of the Breaking Bad series. In Breaking Bad season 1, Skyler’s son Walt Jr. is 17 years old. This means that Walt Jr. is a child in the first few seasons of Better Call Saul, and Skyler White must’ve had her hands full raising him.

Since Skyler was a housewife in Breaking Bad, it can be assumed she is a housewife and mother to Walt Jr. while Walter is away teaching high school chemistry. Walt Jr. also would be around nine to ten years old in the beginning of Better Call Saul and would eventually grow into a teenager as Better Call Saul progresses. At some point in his childhood, Walt. Jr is diagnosed with cerebral palsy – however, it is never stated if this happens early in his childhood or not, so it is plausible that Skyler is helping Walt Jr. with his new diagnosis in the Better Call Saul timeline.

6 Walt Jr.

Walt. Jr. would also be living in Albuquerque and going to school in the beginning of Better Call Saul. If Walt Jr. was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in the Better Call Saul timeline, he would’ve likely been learning to adjust to life in the wake of his diagnosis. Regardless of if Walt Jr. was diagnosed in early childhood or not, Walt Jr. would likely be experiencing the growing pains of being different and preparing to enter adolescence.

In Breaking Bad, Walt Jr. does have a social life in high school, but that doesn’t mean he had the same support in his elementary and middle school years. It is evident throughout Breaking Bad that Walt Jr. is still getting to grips with his identity, wishing to be called Flynn at one point. He also is closer to his uncle Hank instead of Walter, as the show implies that Walt was an emotionally distant father while Walt Jr. was growing up.

5 Patrick Kuby

In Breaking Bad, Patrick Kuby (Bill Burr) works with the Whites to help them secure the car wash to assist them with money laundering. According to DEA agent Steve Gomez, the Boston P.D. ran him out of the area in the early 2000s. It is known that at some point in 2004, Kuby moved to Albuquerque and became a criminal contact of Dr. Caldera. Since Better Call Saul starts in 2001, it is likely Kuby is committing crime and on the run from the police.

As Better Call Saul progresses, roughly in Better Call Saul season 4, Kuby would’ve moved to Albuquerque. While he was in the area for a majority of Better Call Saul, he never appeared in the series. However, his name did appear in Caldera’s little black book of criminal contacts in Better Call Saul season 6. It can be assumed that Kuby never stopped his life of crime during the Better Call Saul years.

4 Todd Alquist

In Breaking Bad season 6, Todd Aquist was introduced and quickly became one of the show’s most ruthless villains. Not only does he kidnap Jesse, but he also kills Jesse’s girlfriend Andrea Cantillo and threatens to kill her son Brock if Jesse does not cooperate. In Better Call Saul, it is likely that Todd is working at Vamonos Pest, where he was working in Breaking Bad season 5.

Throughout the early 2000s, Todd would still be a teenager, but it is implied that he was involved with crime at a young age. As a participant of his uncle Jack’s violent gang, teenage Todd evolved into the seasoned criminal that he is in Breaking Bad. While at Vamonos Pest, it is revealed that Todd was also breaking into homes and stealing possessions. Todd could’ve learned to break and enter at a young age. He probably began to work regularly at Vanomonos around age 16-18, growing up a bit too early.

3 Jack Welker

Another ruthless villain who showed up in Breaking Bad season 5 was Jack Welker. Jack is the leader of a Neo-nazi gang who works for Walt and Jesse before becoming an independent contractor. As someone who was an established gang leader in 2009, it is likely that Jack was already introduced to the white supremacy group before he became their leader. In the Better Call Saul timeline, Jack could be committing crimes with his nephew Todd.

Better Call Saul could’ve detailed Jack’s rise in the crime world, but ultimately Jack and Todd came much later in the Breaking Bad timeline. While it would’ve been interested to learn about Jack’s past through a Better Call Saul cameo and his relationship with his teenage nephew, it would’ve distracted from the stories that Better Call Saul was trying to tell.

2 Skinny Pete

One of the most memorable characters in Breaking Bad is Skinny Pete. Usually, Skinny Pete is remembered for being the friend of Jesse and Badger. For a criminal, Skinny Pete is surprisingly sweet to Jesse and has his back which can be seen in El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie and throughout the Breaking Bad series. Not much is known about Skinny Pete’s backstory, he is one of the few characters to never get a last name and only be referred to by his alias

During the beginning of the Better Call Saul timeline, Skinny Pete was in his early 20s and likely beginning his long life in crime. It is known that Skinny Pete served time at Los Lunas State Prison with Tuco Salamanca. Tuco Salamanca is seen in jail in Better Call Saul season 1 and 2. In Better Call Saul season 3, Tuco is placed in prison, which is where Skinny Pete met him. So from that timeline, it is likely that Skinny Pete was serving time when Tuco got there.

1 Badger

Brandon Mayhew (Matt Jones) is another one of Jesse’s good friends and partners in crime. He is also a fan favorite and was a popular Breaking Bad character that did not return in Better Call Saul. Like Skinny Pete, Badger did appear in El Camino, but he was missing from the prequel series.

Since Badger was 24 in Breaking Bad season 1, he was a teenager in the Better Call Saul timeline. At some point in the Better Call Saul timeline, Badger participated in a documentary about young criminals living with prisoners for three weeks, due to the obligation of their parents. Badger then meets a cellmate who teaches him how to break and enter.

In the beginning of the Better Call Saul timeline, young Badger is probably learning the ropes of being a criminal with the prisoners. If Badger had appeared in Better Call Saul, learning about Badger’s teenage past would’ve given the audience insight into his character. However, Badger and the other missing Breaking Bad characters were emitted from the prequel series to keep the focus on Jimmy McGill throughout Better Call Saul.

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