Where To Find Mooncalves In Hogwarts Legacy

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Mooncalves are a Magical Creature in Hogwarts Legacy that yield Mooncalf Fur. They only appear at night and can be found in five specific locations.

Mooncalves are one of the many Magical Creatures that can be rescued in Hogwarts Legacy. Players can save these beasts from poachers and keep them in their Vivarium. This special space inside the Room of Requirement is used to store Magical Creatures. Taking care of beasts inside the Vivarium will produce upgrade materials. Mooncalves are incredibly adorable and coveted for their Mooncalf Fur.

The first time Mooncalves are encountered is during the “The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom” quest. These Magical Creatures in Hogwarts Legacy can be rescued in multiple areas throughout the game and appear in several side quests. One specific Mooncalf, named Biscuit, appears in “Take The Biscuit.” A goblin named Garnuff, in West Hogsmeade asks players to locate his Mooncalf in a poacher camp. Biscuit can be found in a locked cage in the northeast portion of the map. However, this has recently caused the quest to bug if players free the Mooncalf before initiating the quest. Since unlocking the cage is part of “Take The Biscuit,” players are advised not to prematurely open the cage. Outside of quests, Mooncalves can be found in Mooncalf Dens.

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All Mooncalf Den Locations In Hogwarts Legacy

Creatures that can be captured are often encountered with different fur colors. Rare spawns have a plus icon next to their name and are considered Shiny Magical Beasts in Hogwarts Legacy. For this reason, players often seek out Dens for specific creatures. Locating these points of interest is a simple process. Open the world map and scroll over any of the paw icons. This will inform players about what kind of Magical Beasts are in the Den. There are a total of five Mooncalf Dens throughout the explorable map.

Mooncalf Locations


Forbidden Forest

Head west from Upper Hogsfield

Northwest of Hogwarts Grounds

Found on the north side of the Quidditch pitch

South West of San Bakar’s Tower

Head southwest towards the Forbidden Forest from the San Bakar’s Tower Floo Flame

South of Feldcroft

Head directly south of town

Poidsear Coast

Head southeast from the Floo Flame

Mooncalves only come out at night and may not always appear. Players having trouble finding the creatures may need to leave the area or change the time of day again. Mooncalves are shy beasts and will run away, but this can be negated by casting Levioso to lift them in the air. Players should have their Nab-sack ready and must press the button multiple times. Once rescued from poachers, they can be set free inside the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy. For a visual guide on collecting Mooncalves, players can view a video by LunarGaming Guides on YouTube.

Magical Creatures are a significant part of the Wizarding World. Collecting these fantastical beasts acts as a fun break from the main story. This also benefits players that wish to delve deeper into harder content. Mooncalf Fur can only be earned from taking care of Mooncalves. This is needed for upgrades at the Loom. Players should strive to rescue each Magical Creature in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Source: LunarGaming Guides/YouTube

Editor’s Note: Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has been accused of transphobia by those in the LGBTQ+ community. Although not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, Rowling does stand to earn royalties from the game. We would like to reiterate our support for trans rights and that trans identities are valid. Support services are listed below for trans people impacted by discussions of transphobia.

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Hogwarts Legacy

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Summary: Set in the 1800s in the Wizarding World universe, Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world action RPG where players get to live out a student’s life in the hallowed halls of Hogwarts and beyond. Aside from Hogwarts, players can also travel between iconic locales such as Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest. Starting as a fifth year, players will pick up more advanced spell casting and potion crafting and discover both friendly and antagonistic magical beasts across the entire Harry Potter universe, as they follow the path of light or darkness on their own wizarding journey.

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