Where To Find The Military Supplies Key In Dead Island 2

There are plenty of keys throughout Dead Island 2 and tracking down every set can be a bit of a nightmare, especially when some have specific points in the game where they spawn, often in areas that have already been visited. The Military Supplies Key is an example of this as they are found on the road leading to Halperin Hotel after having already been there.

The Military Supplies Key is going to be found on Lacuna Av. after completing the Room Service For Major Booker quest and beating Dead Island 2 boss, Becki The Bride. Once that is done, head back out onto Lacuna Av, and down the road, there should be a Zombie by the name of Drill Sergeant.

Military Supplies Keys Location

Drill Sergeant is one of Dead Island 2‘s Crusher Zombie types, just like the boss of the area. Unfortunately, he is holding onto the Military Supplies Key, so he will need to be killed in order for him to drop it. Since he is a Crusher, he will be weak to Bleed damage but resistant to explosives.

Additionally, he will use the main Crusher move, Overhead Smash which will produce a radial sonic effect on the ground that can be jumped over to avoid damage. The best time to attack will be immediately following the Overhead Smash as that is when Crushers are most vulnerable.

If players have already left the Halperin Hotel area and missed the Military Supplies Key, the Drill Sergeant Zombie will still be there later, even in Dead Island 2‘s post-game exploration mode. It’s recommended that at that point players wait to return to the area until completing the Rav-ages of Caustic-X side quest which takes place at the Halperin Hotel or once Fast Travel is unlocked after reaching Ocean Avenue. That way no additional time is spent going out of the way to grab the keys and unlock the Supplies container.

Unlocking The Military Supplies

Once Drill Sergeant is defeated and the Military Supplies Keys are collected, head down to the end of Lacuna Av near where the road to Bel-Air splits off. There will be a military truck there with a small yellow container on the back of it. This is the Military Supplies Box. Open it with the keys to receive the Dead Island 2 Guarding Military Knife weapon.

Since this weapon’s power is scaled to the Dead Island 2 Slayer’s current level, some may choose to take advantage of this by intentionally waiting to return until they are at a higher level for the opportunity to receive something better to complete their playthrough.

Dead Island 2

Franchise: Dead Island

Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Released: 2023-04-28

Developer: Dambuster Studios

Publisher: Deep Silver

Genre: First-Person Shooter, Action RPG

Multiplayer: Action RPG


How Long To Beat: 14h 55m

Prequel: Dead Island

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