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How To Find Flammable Fluid How To Defeat Apex Variants

Around when players get halfway through the story of Dead Island 2, they get the chance to find special items called zombie parts for weapon crafting, including items like Flammable Fluid dropped by unique undead. Nearly every weapon in the game can be upgraded using zombie parts, provided players have encountered the Gym Bros to unlock this feature. Unfortunately, finding the right part takes time, since Flammable Fluid is only collected from specific zombie types.

Usually, players have the option to cut off the limbs of zombies they encounter rather than spend extra time killing them. Zombie parts, however, only drop when a zombie is fully defeated, preventing players from cutting any corners. Out of all the enemies in Dead Island 2‘s complete zombie combat, players need to look for special Apex Variants instead of common zombies when looking for zombie part drops.

How To Find Flammable Fluid

There are two Apex Variant zombies that drop Flammable Fluid in yellow pouches upon defeat, labeled as Inferno Crushers and Firestorm Slobbers. Most Apex Variants are introduced to players as bosses like Becki the Bride in Dead Island 2 during the game’s story, so these types may have been formidable enemies to face in the past. However, these variants are similar to other zombie types, Crushers, and Slobbers, only using fire damage instead of just physical attacks.

Flammable Fluid can be found as loot drops from defeated Inferno Crusher and Firestorm Slobber Apex zombie Variants.

One key thing to remember when trying to farm Flammable Fluid is that zombie parts show up as loot randomly, meaning this item doesn’t drop every time. Even if a player decimates a Firestorm Slobber completely, there’s no guarantee the creature will give Flammable Fluid. As a result, players might have to take down multiple Apex Variants to find the item they want.

How To Defeat Apex Variants

When trying to get lots of Flammable Fluid, it may be hard to take down the powerful variant zombies without knowing their weaknesses. Inferno Crushers can be put out with Chem Bombs or Water for a limited time, letting players inflict Bleed damage during this state.

Firestorm Slobbers are unsurprisingly immune to fire but are incredibly weak to Sharp, Bleed, and Shock damage types.

Both special zombies have a better chance to spawn on the map at locations called Hot Spots. Apex Variants are seen through their own icons attached to Hot Spots when players check their map, but they need to have been killed as bosses first before showing up. Once players learn how to get Flammable Fluid in Dead Island 2, they have an excellent opportunity to bolster their weapons with a fire that can burn down any walking corpse.

Dead Island 2

Franchise: Dead Island

Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

Released: 2023-04-28

Developer: Dambuster Studios

Publisher: Deep Silver

Genre: First-Person Shooter, Action RPG

Multiplayer: Action RPG


How Long To Beat: 14h 55m

Prequel: Dead Island

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