Where to Watch The Pimp: No F**ing Fairytale

An ode to Germany’s most notorious red-light district of the ’80s, The Pimp: No F**ing Fairytale (Luden: Könige der Reeperbahn) is available to watch on one particular streaming service. Keep on reading to find out which one you can catch it on.

The Pimp: No F**ing Fairytale takes you back to the days when instant gratification was a little harder to come by. One would have to leave the comfort of their own home and track down their particular favorite method of satisfaction instead of watching it on a little screen.

As the name boldly claims and inspired by true events, this new drama series is a gritty recreation of life in Germany’s most active red-light districts and follows the journey of Klaus Barkowsky (Aaron Hilmer), a fresh-faced bartender who has stumbled upon a new vocation, pimping.

Klaus is pretty down-and-out, sleeping in the bathroom of the bar he works in he dreams of a better lifestyle. Particularly the lifestyle he sees in the magazine pages of life in New York’s Studio 54. Whilst on shift, local hooker Jutta (Jeanette Hain) and her pimp, Beatle Volger (Karsten Antonio Mielke), walk into Klaus’ bar. Jutta is pretty black and bruised after Beatle has beaten her up and Klaus plucks up the courage to tell Beatle to leave.

Perhaps not being used to such kind actions, Jutta sees something in Klaus, and the pair start a tumultuous relationship. Being quite naive, Klaus believes their relationship to be strictly romantic, but Jutta soon introduces Klaus to the possibility of becoming her new pimp. After getting over Klaus’ initial shock and hurt, the pair begin their new partnership and start thinking about how to deal with the GMBH, a group of established pimps that Beatle is a member of.

The show is stylish and feisty, and the cast delivers solid performances that make for an enjoyable watch — and you can check it out now on Amazon Prime Video.

Watch The Pimp: No F**ing Fairytale on Amazon Prime Video

Where Is Germany’s Red-Light District?

The Pimp: No F**ing Fairytale is set in the German city of Hamburg. One of the most famous streets in Hamburg is in the St. Pauli district and is called the Reeperbahn. The Reeperbahn hosts the city’s red-light district and although being famous for sex shops, brothels, and strip clubs it has an extensive history.

Before becoming world-famous, The Beatles cut their teeth playing multiple clubs on the Reeperbahn in the early ’60s. The Fab Four were put through their paces playing hours-long sets in dingy clubs before they were whisked away to world stardom. Whilst talking about their time spent on the Reeperbahn, John Lennon stated “I might have been born in Liverpool – but I grew up in Hamburg”.

The Pimp: No F**ing Fairytale documents the rivalry between two gangs, the GMBH, who were already established on the Reeperbahn, and the emerging Nutella gang. Both were real-life pimp organizations that operated in the St. Pauli districts in the 1980s and were the biggest pimp cartels in German history.

Where to Watch The Pimp: No F**ing Fairytale

You can stream The Pimp: No F**ing Fairytale on Amazon Prime. The series is 6 episodes long, all lasting around 55 minutes, and is free to stream for those who have an Amazon Prime membership.

The episodes are either rated 16+ or 18+, and as the name suggests, this isn’t a drama that’s suitable to watch when there are children around. The show is filmed entirely in German, but there are subtitles options available. If you are not a fan of subtitled shows, there is audio language overdubbing available in 11 different languages.

Watch The Pimp: No F**ing Fairytale on Amazon Prime Video

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