Who Is Uncle Roger’s Ex-Wife, Auntie Helen?

YouTube persona Uncle Roger consistently pokes fun at his ex-wife, named “Auntie Helen” — but who exactly is Auntie Helen and Nigel Ng’s wife in real life? Stand-up comedian Nigel Ng started his YouTube career during the pandemic. Uncle Roger often uses his ex-wife Auntie Helen as a punchline, roasting everything from her “icebox heart” to wishing that God would “strike her down.” The created villain of Uncle Roger has brought a lot of intrigue from fans to the point that many have made videos of themselves as “Auntie Helen” to which Nigel films a reaction video. Believe it or not, Auntie Helen is based on a real person.


Throughout his videos, he often mentions his ex-wife Helen, who has been portrayed by other YouTubers like Nina the Pooh and Rachel Hopes. Uncle Roger’s ex-wife “Auntie Helen” is actually based on his real ex, Evelyn Mok, the real Nigel Ng’s wife. Mok and Ng are actually on very good terms. Casual watchers of Uncle Roger would be surprised to know that Auntie Helen often appears on his podcast “HAIYAA with Nigel Ng.” The two even co-host their own podcast, called “Rice to Meet You.” Evelyn and Nigel poke fun at each other regularly, but always with lots of laughter and in entirely good humor.

Auntie Helen Is Stand-Up Evelyn Mok

Evelyn Mok is an established comedian in her own right, though Auntie Helen doesn’t rely on YouTube sketches like Aunty Donna to keep audiences laughing. Born in Sweden to a Chinese immigrant family, Evelyn, Nigel Ng’s wife, initially started her stand-up career in Sweden before moving on to the University of Roehampton in England. Her popularity began steadily growing in the comedy world after she became a finalist in The Chortle Awards in 2013.

As well, Evelyn has appeared in a few bit roles in media like Spider-Man: Far From Home, I Hate Suzie, and The Reluctant Landlord. As of now Uncle Roger and Auntie Helen have decided to put their podcast “Rice to Meet You” on hold. The two have cited that they wish to maintain their friendship and have therefore put the podcast on hiatus due to creative differences. It’s surprising that Nigel Ng’s wife and Uncle Roger actually have a decent working relationship and friendship, considering everything he says about Auntie Helen in his videos.

Evelyn Mok Used Her Platform To Speak Out About A Racist Attack

As is an unfortunate reality for many people of Asian descent, Evelyn Mok, Nigel Ng’s wife, faced racial abuse and has been raising awareness ever since. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in China, the incidence of harassment, hate crimes, and violence towards people of Asian descent has dramatically increased, and Mok was the target of a racist attack while shopping in Hisingen, Sweden. She passed a man on the street who then began to follow her and shout racial epithets. Mok was able to escape into a nearby candy store, after which her attacker ran away.

The comedian said of the event, “You’re so used to it that you don’t interact anymore. But when we now see in the world how something terrible has escalated during a pandemic and has become violent, then it looks different. It really is violence against us right now.” Afterward, the star took to her Instagram to make a video titled, “A Message to Asians in Sweden,” in which she chronicled her experience and warned others to exercise caution. Evelyn Mok used her platform to help shed light on the epidemic of Asian-directed hate that’s currently affecting the global community and advocate for real change.

YouTube stars are now stars in their own right, featuring in movies like Free Guy and being depicted in popular films like Army of the Dead. With all the questions surrounding Uncle Roger’s ex-wife Auntie Helen, fans should be happy to know that she’s based on a real, autonomous woman with her own blossoming career and an important marginalized voice that she makes heard via her newfound popularity. For now, Uncle Roger will probably continue to make jokes at Auntie Helen’s expense, and Evelyn Mok, Nigel Ng’s wife, will no doubt be making the most of her platform in the coming years.

How Uncle Roger And Auntie Helen Met (And Why They Divorced)

The character Uncle Roger does detail in an episode of HAIYAA how he met the character Auntie Helen, and why he and Nigel Ng’s wife got divorced. It should be noted that this is the story of the two characters, and may not affect the real events of Ng and Mok’s relationship. According to Uncle Roger, he worked at a Malaysian food stand in his youth and Uncle Roger’s wife, Auntie Helen, was one of his first customers. He was so taken with her that he wrote his number on her bill and waited for her call. Auntie Helen did eventually reach out to him.

However, it was to ask if he would cater an office party. He agreed, despite not doing catering in the past. Uncle Roger jokes that he had to take a loan out from a bank to get all the equipment and after the successful catering gig, the two hit it off and struck up a relationship. Uncle Roger later suggests that he and Auntie Helen broke up because she was unfaithful. It’s unknown if this is the true story behind Nigel Ng’s wife and his divorce, but it does make an intriguing tale for the story of Auntie Helen and Uncle Roger.

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