Why Louis Gaspare Runs At The End Of Plane (Was He Really Ever Innocent?)

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Louis Gaspare’s innocence is never fully explored in Plane although it is implied, but if he is truly innocent, why did he run away at the end?

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for PlaneLouis Gaspare runs at the end of Plane despite his implied innocence, but there is a good explanation as to why. Plane is a Gerard Butler-led action movie, and he plays pilot Brodie Torrance, a former RAF-turned-commercial airline pilot. Brodie is informed he will be transporting prisoner Louis Gaspare (Mike Colter) as he is being extradited to Canada to await trial for murder, but the plane is struck by lightning and crashes on a war-torn island. Louis uses this chance to run, but it is not long before he returns to help Brodie rescue the other passengers who were taken hostage by rebels, introducing him as a man of intergrity.


Butler and Colter lead the cast of Plane and are joined by Tony Goldwyn (Scarsdale), Yoson An (Dele), Daniella Pineda (Bonnie), and Remi Adeleke (Shellback) among others. Plane fits the classic action-movie stereotypes, with a big plane crash, shoot-outs, and Gerard Butler to save the day, but the inclusion of Colter’s fugitive character Louis adds more intrigue to Plane. Louis Gaspare is a fugitive on homicide charges which makes the team up of Brodie and Louis just a bit tenser as Brodie is uncertain whether he can trust Louis. However, the fact that Plane heavily suggests Gaspare may be innocent makes his decision to keep running at the end of the movie somewhat confusing.

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Plane Implies Louis Is Innocent, But Never Confirms It

Although Plane implies he is innocent throughout, Louis Gaspare is still a fugitive who believes he has been wrongly convicted. This status explains why he feels he has to keep running, whether or not he actually did what he’s accused of. It is never fully explored in the surprising box office success Plane whether Louis truly is innocent with Louis only revealing to Brodie he was in the “wrong place at the wrong time”. Since Plane never confirms it, the audience can only assume Louis is innocent from his word alone. Louis is quite defensive about the matter and does not want to go into detail about his case with Brodie, but his actions in Plane do seem to back up that he is being wrongfully convicted.

While Louis’ run seems like the actions of a guilty man, there is plenty of evidence to vouch for his character. Although Louis initially runs away after the plane crashes, leaving Brodie to rescue the hostages on his own, Louis returns to help Brodie, sacrificing a key chance for him to run free. Also, once the hostages are rescued and Brodie has fixed the plane, Luke Cage star Colter’s Louis stays behind on the island to make sure the plane gets away safely from the rebels and then takes the bag of ransom money. Louis’ frequent acts of self-sacrifice suggest he is a good man that feels he has been left with no option. His decision to run at the end of Plane is therefore an act of desperation, not necessarily guilt.

Louis’ Reason For Running In Plane Is Actually Very Sad

Plane is less about whether Louis is innocent or not, but about how it does not matter as he will still be convicted either way. This makes his reasons for running especially tragic. Louis is most likely innocent, but he is very aware that he will not be getting a fair trial, and that returning to Canada is a certain jail sentence. Rather than that, his last act is to make sure the passengers safely leave the island which dooms him to a life on the run.

Rotten Tomatoes success Plane presents Louis’ journey as a sad reflection of the justice system and even though he is not incarcerated, he still is not truly free by the end of Plane. Louis may have the ransom money and some amount of freedom, but he will forever be running and hiding, despite being a hero of Plane and saving dozens of lives. With Colter confirmed to be returning as Louis Gaspare in the Plane sequel Ship, hopefully his story is explored and the question of his innocence properly answered.

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