Yellowjackets Season 2 Episode 4 Ending Explained

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Yellowjackets season 2, episode 4.

The Yellowjackets season 2, episode 4 ending confirmed the long-debated fate of Travis’ younger brother Javi. The episode was full of twists and turns, with some triumphs along the way, such as Natalie rescuing Lisa’s fish, and its fair share of confusing visions on Lottie’s part. In addition, there were major moments and things to watch out for that will assuredly have an impact on the future, like Shauna revealing the truth about Adam to Callie or the fact that the girls in the 1996 timeline are becoming more divided by the day.


However, the biggest moment in the Yelllowjackets season 2, episode 4 ending had to be that Javi’s fate was finally made known. Javi went missing back in Yellowjackets season 1, episode 9, “Doomcoming,” after the girls went into a frenzy due to some psychedelic mushrooms, and Shauna told him to run. Since then, what happened to Javi has been a hotly debated question among the group. While Natalie tried to convince Travis his brother had died, going so far as to fake his death, Lottie was assured that Javi was still alive. Here’s the Yellowjackets season 2, episode 4 ending explained, including what happened to Javi.

Will Callie Accidentally Confess That Shauna Killed Adam?

In one of the most shocking moments of the Yellowjackets season 2 premiere, Callie finds Adam’s burned driver’s license and immediately grows suspicious of her mother. In episode 4, Shauna finally tells Callie the whole truth about what happened with Adam, and Callie swears not to tell anyone. Whether Shauna technically making Callie an accomplice in her crime was a good idea on her part is debatable, but it doesn’t look like Callie will tell her parents’ secrets — at least, not on purpose. What both Shauna and Callie don’t know is that she has inadvertently struck up a casual relationship with an undercover cop, “Jay.”

The man that Callie meets at a bar in Yellowjackets season 2, episode 2, is Detective Matt, though he introduces himself as Jay, and he’s hot on the trail of the case of Adam’s disappearance. In episode 4, Callie is shown to still be texting with Jay/Matt, with the two planning to meet up for mini golf. Callie also admits to her parents that she hasn’t been sleeping over at Alana’s, rather, she’s been drinking in the park with “a friend.” While Callie may not let the entire story slip to Matt, it’s possible that in their conversations she could leak important information that lands Shauna in hot water.

Lottie’s Queen Of Hearts Vision Explained

Lottie’s visions in Yellowjackets are increasing in the 2021 timeline, prompting her to ask her psychiatrist to up her dosage of medication. In the Yellowjackets season 2, episode 4 ending, Lottie reads through her gratitude cards and is interrupted by a vision of a Queen of Hearts card with the eyes scratched out. She tries to shake it off, but sees the card again and becomes increasingly worried. Like all of Lottie’s visions, the series doesn’t explain it, but it’s possible that the wilderness is calling her back to regain her status as “queen,” with the literal hearts themselves pointing to her cannibal past.

How Lottie views herself in both timelines is revealed somewhat in her speech about the cult’s bees to Natalie. In essence, she is the queen bee. In addition, Travis has explained that “the wilderness” has come back to haunt the 2021 Yellowjackets survivors. This is becoming apparent with Lottie’s increasing visions and instability, as well as Taissa’s sleepwalking, and it’s possible that Lottie’s latest vision could mean that she is being called by the wilderness back into her old ways. This remains to be seen, but Lottie is obviously very troubled by her two most recent hallucinations, signaling that there may be bloodshed in the present timeline on her part.

Why Lottie Cut Her Hand At The Altar: What It Means

Unlike Lottie’s bee vision, her Queen of Hearts hallucination in Yellowjackets prompts immediate action, which sees her steal away from the group and head over to a makeshift altar. There, she slices her hand open and lets the blood drip on the ground, pleading to thin air, “Can’t this be enough?”. It’s possible that Lottie is making her own blood sacrifice to the wilderness to satiate its growing needs. If Lottie’s visions are supporting Travis’ earlier statements, then the wilderness is back in the adult survivors’ lives — and wants something from them.

Adult Lottie’s actions are mirrored earlier in the episode by teen Lottie, during her hunting competition with Natalie. While wandering, she finds one of the altars and performs the same action as her adult counterpart. Given the context of the situation, she was probably offering sacrifice to the wilderness so that it would provide her with food to bring back or point her in the right direction. Based on this, it seems like Lottie’s vision suggests that the wilderness wants something from her, and she performs this small blood ritual to satisfy it. Of course, this is followed up with her plea, which suggests that meager bloodshed won’t suffice.

Yellowjackets Season 2 Confirms Javi Is Alive

The most shocking moment of the Yellowjackets season 2, episode 4 ending was the revelation that Lottie was right and Javi is alive. In the episode, Taissa and Van are just about to give up on finding the last Yellowjackets symbol on the map, when Taissa spots someone and makes a run for them. After giving chase, the girls eventually tackle their target to the ground, and it’s revealed to be Javi. Everyone is understandably shocked when they bring him back to the cabin, prompting an exclamation from Mari that Lottie was right, and a sheepish exit from Natalie.

While Travis and Javi’s reunion is long overdue, the question of how he survived remains unanswered. There are several Javi theories, suggesting that the area could be home to a system of mines, or that there is an underground bunker somewhere. The melting snow that Van found near Javi could be evidence of either. While Javi is still alive, he doesn’t seem too well. He has yet to speak, even when reunited with his brother, and seemed more shell-shocked than anything else when he was caught. Audiences will have to wait until the next installment of Yellowjackets, or possibly even later, to find out where he’s been all this time.

What Natalie Could Be Looking For In Lottie’s Cabin

Lottie’s private cabin has been a place of interest for Natalie in the present timeline, and now that she’s finally got a set of keys in her possession, she’s ready to explore. The dynamic between Natalie and Lottie in both time periods is somewhat contentious. After all, Yellowjackets season 2, episode 4 saw the teens battle it out in a hunting competition at Natalie’s request after Mari turned on her and blamed her for not being able to find food. In the present timeline, Natalie spent a good amount of the afternoon trying to convince cult acolyte Lisa that Lottie’s program is more sinister than it appears, but to no avail.

After Natalie spotted the antlers adorning Lottie’s cabin, she became immediately suspicious. What she is most likely looking for in Lottie’s private quarters is evidence that her fellow teammate hasn’t changed her tune since 1996, and that she’s continuing similar cult practices that were formed during their time in the wilderness. It’s also possible that Natalie doesn’t wholly buy Lottie’s story about Travis’ death, since she said earlier that Travis “didn’t believe in that stuff,” and the symbol was found under his body. Natalie has zero trust when it comes to Lottie in both the past and the present, but in the present, it’s especially easy to understand why.

Why Taissa Needs Adult Van’s Help

Yellowjackets season 2, episode 3 teased adult Van, which was only paid off by her arrival the very end of the episode. Taissa seeks out adult Van after talking to her reflection in episode 3, and all of her plot thread in episode 4 is her journey to finding her ex-girlfriend. After ransacking Jessica Roberts’ apartment for information, running her assistant’s gas tank to empty, and hitching a ride with a trucker, Taissa finally ends her journey at Van’s place of work, with the latter clearly shocked to see the former. However, why Taissa is there at all hasn’t been put to words.

With Taissa’s sleepwalking reaching a dangerous point, she is seeking out Van for answers. Van helped Taissa discover in the 1996 timeline that her sleepwalking was somehow connected to everything that was going on in the wilderness, between finding Javi and subconsciously knowing where all the Yellowjackets symbols are. Now that she’s having similar experiences in her adult life, she’s hoping that Van will help her again to understand what may be going on. Van is much more accepting of the metaphysical, something that Taissa is actively wary of, and it’s because of this openness that Van can possibly discern what’s happening to Taissa in the present.

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